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A Place To Go... is looking for a permanent home

A Place To Go… has located a building on Main Street, 400 East Main Street in Maple Shade, NJ and are looking to purchase the building for the teens. This building is in the perfect location and has the potential to facilitate an environment that will provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere, with 2,800sq. to work with

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Help Teens Check In, Not Check Out

A Place To Go… Afterschool Program: With great success and numbers growing into the 60’s within our first month, we quickly realized that we were meeting our goals. By keeping teenagers in a safe, supervised, caring environment with enriching activities we prevented risky and self-destructive behaviors and supported overall youth development. When teenagers are shown value, they begin to learn how to value themselves, others and the community in which they live. “The program helps teens stay on the straight and narrow and make good decisions. It keeps the teens at school instead of at home with no supervision. A lot of these teenagers are home alone for 3 to 4 hours a day leaving a lot of idle time to make bad choices. Having an after-school program gives teens a better choice”, said Maple Shade Police Capt. Chris Fletcher.

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